Meeting with companies

The Career Service organises a series of events throughout the year at which enterprises are offered opportunities to meet with Politecnico di Milano students and graduates:

  • the 3 annual job fairs (Career Day, the International Job Fair and PMI Day);
  • the “Recruiting Week";
  • the "Discover Careers" events.

The 3 annual job fairs offer a unique showcase at which students and graduates can all get together on the same day to meet the many managers who come to the university to discuss employment, internships, professional positions and career opportunities in their firms at their stands. CareerDay is Italy's biggest job fair focusing exclusively on the technical professions: every year more than 100 companies go to the Bovisa Campus to meet with over 3500 students and graduates at special desks. The International Job Fair is intended exclusively for international companies offering jobs and internships abroad. It is held on the Leonardo Campus. Lastly, PMI Day is a fair for small enterprises held at the Bovisa Campus to offer smaller businesses in Italy an opportunity to meet with students and graduates interested in joining the world of work and establishing contact with companies that have a solid base in Italy.

During the “Recruiting Week”, the last week of each month, enterprises which are currently hiring come to the Politecnico di Milano to present open positions and conduct interviews with candidates; the series of meetings is intended to permit graduating students and graduates to participate in one-to-one interviews on the university campus. People from enterprises with an interest in locating new resources for positions currently open are thus offered an opportunity to meet numerous candidates in a single session, selected ahead of time on the basis of the company's requirements and the CVs submitted.

The "Discover Careers" events are day-long events for students who want to understand the job market, learn about different companies and what they have to offer and discuss various issues with company managers. These meetings focus primarily on dialogue, with discussion of corporate dynamics and possible career opportunities in specific areas of interest to students, graduating students and company management. Participants in these meetings discuss real issues and analyse specific case studies, offering participants an opportunity to find out more about projects they find themselves working on in the future.

The calendar listing all of these events is posted monthly on the Career Service website.