Compulsory traineeship

Laurea (Equivalent to a Bachelor of science)

To give students an edge on the job market, all students enrolled in the "Professional" tracks of the third year of the Laurea (equivalent to a B. Sc.) in Mechanical Engineering take part in a compulsory traineeship.

The traineeship offers students hands-on training directly related to the content of their course of study and their career goals. Students spend a few months at a company (in Italy or abroad), working under the guidance of a company tutor.

During the traineeship, students learn about the company and its work, following a training plan requiring the direct application of the methods of analysis and resolution learned during their course of study. During the traineeship, students offer their engineering expertise to the company, working on a concrete project in their area of interest, actively participating in the definition of the problem and its resolution and acquiring business know-how on the theme in question, being part of a fully operational business environment.

At the end of the traineeship, the company tutor prepares a final assessment of the project carried out and the achievement of the stated goals. No more than 10 days after the conclusion of the traineeship, students must prepare and submit to their academic tutor a final technical report on the activity carried out.

In order to begin a traineeship, a student must have earned at least 135 ECTS by the date on which the traineeship begins and must must have achieved a compulsory traineeship preparation (2 CFU credits).
Traineeships last 400 to 420 hours, for a period of:

  • 3 months if carried out full-time, and so for a maximum of 40 hours per week; 
  • 4 to 5 months if carried out part-time, and so for a maximum of 20 hours per week.

Traineeships must be carried out consecutively: they may not be the accumulation of different periods of work.

The process for starting a traineeship is described on the dedicated page of the Career Service site.

The rules for traineeships are set by current National, Regional and University regulations. The Politecnico di Milano prepares the documentation required by law, verifies the quality of the training projects and provides the insurance coverages.

These are some of the many companies who have offered more than one traineeship for students in the vocational third year of the Laurea in Mechanical Engineering in the last 2 or 3 years:

A.E. - ABB - ADM Motorsport – Advanced Marine Propulsion Technology Seatek - Advanced Technology Valve - AGUSTAWestland - - API Apparecchiature e Tecnologie Idroecologiche - Arc_Team - AST Apparecchi di Sicurezza e di Tenuta – ATM Azienda Trasporti Milanesi - Beretta - Biffi - Bolzoni - Brembo - Bruschi - BTicino - Centro Ricerche Fiat - Ceratizit Italia - Compressor Controls Corporation – CR Cuscinetti - Cus Utensili - Dalmine – D’Andrea - Drillmec - Ducati Motor Holding - ECHO Reasearch & Development - ENI - Ferrari - FLSmidth Maag Gear – Fonderia Maspero - G.P.R. Italia - - Gibertini Elettronica - Giudici - Harken Italy - ILVA - Industrie CBI - IPG Photonics Italy - J.A.S. Motorsport - Jobs - Knorr-Bremse Group - Luxottica - Mandelli - Mapei - Marcegaglia - Marsilli & Co. – Matic Plast Milano - Meccanica Besnatese srl - Meritor HVS – Moog Italiana - Morse Tec Europe - MTA - MV Agusta Motor - OMAB – Panzeri - Parcol - Peroni Pompe - Petrolvalves - Picchio - Pirovano Engineering - Planet Filters - Praxair - RE Controlli Industriali - Romagnani Stampi - RTN - S.T.S.R. - Studio Tecnico Sviluppo e Ricerche – Same Deutz-Fahr Italia - Sandvik – Schneider Electric - SEA Energia - Seco Tools Italia - Siemens Industry Software NV - Skema - STG Group - Tomcat Racing – Volvo Truck Coroporation - Worthington - Gruppo Flowserve – Yamaha Motor  Reasearch & Development - ZMC Italia

In the file below are some examples of small, medium and large size companies that continuously offer every year traineeships to students in the vocational third year of the Laurea in Mechanical Engineering.

Further information about the compulsory traineeship for students enrolled in the "Professional" tracks of the third year of the Laurea (equivalent to a Bachelor of Science) in Mechanical Engineering is contained in the file below:

For students is available the file below, with the guidelines to draw up the final technical report on the activity carried out:

The file below contains useful information for companies who want to offer a traineeship for students in the vocational third year:

Useful contact information

Career Service (Registration companies and traineeships agreements): careerservice.stage(at)

SAT Secretaries (Management curricular traineeships):

SAT Professors (Approval curricular traineeships and assignment of tutors):

Special events

In cooperation with the Career Service, the Mechanical Engineering Study Programme organises at the beginning of each semester a strongly recommended course called “Stage, let’s start!”.

This is intended exclusively for the students of the professionalising PSPA (previously approved study plans) that include basic knowledge concerning the traineeship experience. In particular, below are the contents of the course:

  • the selection criteria of businesses with the technical and cross-cutting expertise required;
  • how to find a traineeship and to prepare the CV;
  • how to do the selection job interview;
  • how to behave during the traineeship.

For information on the forthcoming dates and to subscribe, please visit the following page:

Laurea magistrale (Equivalent to a Master of science)

Students enrolled in the Laurea Magistrale (equivalent to a Master of Science) in Mechanical Engineering may participate in an optional traineeship.

Since it is optional, the traineeship does not accrue educational credits.

Students may also participate in an optional traineeship in connection with their Laurea magistrale thesis project. In such a case, the student must coordinate this activity in advance with their thesis supervisor.

Useful contact information

Career Service (Optional traineeship): careerservice.stage(at)

SAT Secretaries (Optional traineeship for Laurea magistrale thesis project):