Traineeship preparation

For the traineeship experience, the students enrolled in the "Professional" tracks of the third year must follow a traineeship preparation path equivalent to 2 credits. This path is provided by the Career Service and the Mechanical Engineering study programme and could be experienced after the successful completion of the exams (100 CFU). It consist of 4 modules of half a day, provided at the first and second semester (generally in the break periods or at the end of the semester before the exam sessions. We suggest to include the traineeship preparation in the semester preceding the research traineeship (regardless of the study plan).

Below are the modules of the traineeship preparation:

Module 1 Roundtable with companies from the Mechanical Engineering sector 

Roundtable with managers who will talk about:

  • Professionalizing roles of the mechanical engineering in their companies;
  • The companyís organization structure, the roles and the modalities of interaction between the mechanical engineers and the other roles.

Module 2: Letís go!

Interactive and laboratory Orientation session  on the following topics:

  • Research instruments of the traineeship;
  • The choice of the most appropriate traineeship with respect to the study plan;
  • Application: CV and letter of motivation.

Module 3: Simulations of an interview with a company

The companyís representative will help students to have a real interview and the participants will have the opportunity to think about the skills to use:

  • The main phases of an interview;
  • Most frequent questions and how to answer;
  • Comments on the behaviors to have during the interview.

Module 4 Roadmap to job search tools

Laboratory path with HR areas where students can receive specific and direct support, on three main topics:

  • Where to find a job (social, apps, companyís websites);
  • CV final review;
  • How to create a professional network.