Horizontal competencies

From the academic year 2018-19, the Masterís degree in Mechanical Engineering includes the acquisition of 2 credits (ECTS) on horizontal competencies aiming at developing a deep awareness and a basic knowledge on topics that are increasingly important for the engineer profession and have no place in the traditional curriculum: for example, law and criminal liabilities of the engineer, ergonomics and occupational health, copyright and intellectual property, technical communication, etc.

For this purpose, this course organises several thematic workshops that are scheduled in the mid-term break periods.

Each module consists of a 4-hour workshop, which will be followed by recommended reading useful to pass the test. The 2 credits will be given after acquiring at least 4 modules (you can also attend other modules, according to your interest). 

The multiple-choice tests will be at the end of the semester, preferably before the exam sessions.

Workshop admission is reserved to students with at least 49 ECTS credits. Workshops may be also attended in different semesters, but in any case the 2 credits will be registered after passing 4 modules.

Further information are available at the following FAQ webpage.

Workshop schedule is updated regularly and is published in the relative BEEP page.