Students enrolled in the Mechanical Engineering programme have the option of deepening their studies in our research laboratories. Students may carry out some of the more applicative activities in our research laboratories, with the benefit of experimenting with the concepts they have learned in lectures.

Throughout their course of study, students enrolled in the Mechanical Engineering programme are welcome in the research laboratories at the Milano Bovisa, Lecco and Piacenza campuses, independent of which of these is their 'home' campus. This means that students may acquire a range of experiences in the Politecnico di Milano's research laboratories including those of campuses other than the one where they are specifically enrolled.

Milano Bovisa Campus

The research Laboratories are located into the Department of Mechanical Engineering, which boasts several of the finest set-ups in Europe. The laboratories are fitted out with all the necessary, most up-to-date cutting-edge equipment in the different research areas:

  • 3D Vision Lab
  • Automotive and Electric/Hybrid Vehicles Lab
  • Cable Dynamics Lab
  • CNC Machine Tools and Computer Aided Manufacturing Lab
  • Composite Material Parts and Models Lab
  • Electric Drives Lab
  • Haptics and Virtual Prototyping Lab
  • Manufacturing Lab
  • Material Testing Lab
  • Measuring Devices and Calibration Lab
  • Mechatronics and Smart Structures Lab
  • Non-destructive Tests (NDT) Lab
  • Numerical Simulation Lab
  • Process Metallurgy and Materials Analysis Lab
  • Railway Engineering Lab
  • Teaching Labs
  • Tests of Mechanical Components Lab
  • Wind Tunnel

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Lecco Campus

In Lecco Campus there are some research laboratories in the Industrial and Mechanical Engineering area:

Piacenza Campus

In Piacenza Campus is located the research laboratory MUSP - Machine Tools and Production Systems: the laboratory focuses on applied research in the machine tools’ industry; configuration and management of integrated production systems; precision engineering and testing; machine tools and technological processes; materials and technologies for aeronautic production. The goal of the MUSP laboratory is to combine diversified existing skills within companies, universities and research institutions to create a core of specialists in the field of advanced mechanics open to a multidisciplinary approach.

Moreover, the Piacenza Campus collaborates closely with Siemens, with students in the "Professional" track of the third year of the Laurea (equivalent to a B. Sc.) outside the classroom, at the Siemens Technology Center for Machine Tools in Piacenza. This provides students with an opportunity for direct experience with machine systems, bringing them into contact with cutting-edge technological solutions in the field of industrial automation and control.