Scholarships and awards

The "Scholarships promoting the "Diritto allo Studio" [DSU]" are available for academically strong students who lack the financial means to attend university. Financial aid is awarded through an annual call, on the basis of specific financial and merit requirements.

The "Other scholarships and graduation awards" are provided by the Politecnico di Milano or other Insitutions, beside those of the DSU Announcement. Further information is available at

As part of the interventions implemented each year by the Politecnico to support studies, students enrolled in Mecanichal Engineering programmes (all Campuses) have the opportunity to take part in various calls for the awarding of scholarships and graduation prizes provided directly by companies, institutionsad associations. Below are those issued regularly; detailed information is published - as soon as available - on the website's home page.

  • Bernardo Nobile award: Area Science Park of Trieste announces an annual award for master's or doctoral degree theses on the use of patents as a source of information;
  • Collegio Ingegneri Ferroviari Italiani: CIFI (Collegio Ingegneri Ferroviari Italiani) launches a call for various scholarships reserved for master's degrees graduated;
  • Mandelli Sistemi S.p.A.: the company launches a competition announcement for 1 scholarship in memory of Ing. Francesco Mulazzi, former Mechanical Design Manager of its Piacenza plant. The scholarship is addressed to students that, once taken their Laurea (equivalent to B.Sc.) in Mechanical Engineering (L-9), enroll in the Laurea Magistrale (equivalent to M.Sc.) in Mechanical Engineering - Ingegneria Meccanica (LM-33) at Politecnico di Milano;
  • CEI prize: the Italian Electrotechnical Committee assigns an award to the best Laurea thesis dedicated to developing and investigating issues related to national, community and international technical standardization in the electrotechnical, electronic and telecommunications, industrial, commercial and tertiary sectors;
  • ESTECO Academy Design Competition: ESTECO launches a competition aimed at Mechanical Engineering students. The challenge consists in the design of a 4-stroke single cylinder engine using multidisciplinary optimization methods;
  • Leonardo Committee: some members of the Leonardo Committee issue calls for graduation awards dedicated to young graduates who have discussed theses on topics relevant to the success of Made in Italy in the world;
  • Leonardo Innovation prize for young people: with this project students, graduates and PhD students of Engineering and other scientific disciplines can submit state-of-the-art projects in specific research fields belonging to the business sectors of Gruppo Leonardo;
  • Tetra Pak Young Talent Program: Young Talent Program is a recruiting initiative created by Tetra Pak, aimed at all new graduates and undergraduates in Mechanical Engineering;
  • Premi UCIMU: UCIMU-Sistemi per produrre launches a competition call for Laurea (equivalent to B.Sc.) and Laurea Magistrale (equivalent to M.Sc.) theses about production systems for mechanical manufacturing;
  • Premi di laurea Electrolux: the company makes some degree awards for students of the Laurea Magistrale (equivalent to M.Sc.) programme: the call "Electrolux for innovation" and the call "Electrolux for sustainability". The authors of the two best thesis receive a cash prize and have the chance of doing an internship;
  • H2020 competition TRA VISIONS: a competition funded by the European Commission, Mobility and Transport Unit, aimed at awarding the best EU university students and young researchers in the sector of innovative transport concepts in the field of road, waterborne and rail.

Lastly, there are other financial aid opportunities reserved exclusively for students in the Laurea (equivalent to Baschelor of Science) or Laurea Magistrale (equivalent to Master of Science) at the Piacenza Campus and for students in the Laurea Magistrale programme at the Lecco Campus. For the academically strongest students, other scholarships and graduation prizes are available from other organisations, associations, companies and private individuals, to favour enrolment in courses at those campuses. Further information is available on and