Student competitions


The "Polimi Motorcycle Factory" project stems from the decision taken by five Mechanical Engineering students to take part in the MOTOSTUDENT competition.

As the competition is open to teams of 20, a selection process will soon be initiated for the remaining members of the team to take part in MOTOSTUDENT.

The goal of each team is to design, implement and evaluate the prototype of a racing motorbike, which will then be tested on the Aragon circuit.

As is already the case for the Formula SAE project, Motostudent may also be connected to the compulsory traineeship of the BSc third-year or to the MSc thesis.

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Formula SAE

Formula SAE is a competition created for the best technical universities worldwide in which a group of students has to design, built and race a single seater open wheel racecar.

The project, coordinated by professors Federico Cheli and Francesco Braghin, is open to students from all engineering schools without limitations related to the status of their academic career. To this day the team counts 50 students, the majority of these attending a Mechanical Engineering degree while the remaining come from Aeronautical, Automation, Energy, Electronics and Management Engineering programmes.

The students working in the Formula SAE team, either as a voluntary associate or as part of a final thesis assignment, have the possibility to enhance their knowledge acquired in the academic courses and the chance to apply what they have learned during the vehicle design and construction phases, coming in contact every day with the problems and he time constraints that are typical of the motorsport environment.

During the design process each student has the opportunity to gain familiarity with the CAD, FEM and CFD software studied during the courses and use them to design a specific component of the vehicle. The construction of the car takes place in the laboratories of Politecnico di Milano or inside the facilities of the companies that support the project and is completely performed by the students whom have a hands on approach to machining, welding and most of all construction techniques for composite materials.

Quality and performances of the vehicles are tested during FSAE competitions, where the different universities compete against each other on major racetracks worldwide. Each race is divided into static events, where professionals from the automotive and motorsport industries act as judges of Presentation, Cost and Design challenges, and dynamic events on track that consist of Acceleration, Skid-pad, Autocross, Endurance and Fuel Economy.

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