Theses and graduation essays

Laurea (equivalent to a Bachelor of science)

180 ECTS – University Credits are required for the Laurea (equivalent to a Bachelor of Science).

For students enrolled in the “Preparatory" track for the Laurea Magistrale, the final examination comprises the preparation, presentation and discussion of a project carried out independently by the student in the context of the courses Vibration Mechanics, Machines, the CAD Design Laboratory and the Structural Calculus Design Laboratory.

For students enrolled in the “Professional" tracks, the final examination comprises the presentation and discussion of a report on the work carried out during the student's compulsory traineeship.

Laurea magistrale (equivalent to a Master of science)

The Laurea Magistrale (equivalent to a Master of Science) requires 120 ECTS – University Credits and a thesis, which will be defended by the student during the Laurea Magistrale examination.

The Laurea Magistrale thesis is normally prepared in one of the courses of the Scientific-Disciplinary Areas characterising the study plan chosen by the student for the second year of the Laurea Magistrale. Preparation of a thesis in a different SSD is subject to assessment by the Mechanical Engineering Study Programme Board.

Supplementary regulations for the final examination

Supplementary regulations apply for the Laurea and Laurea Magistrale final examinations of the Mechanical Engineering Study Programme. It is important to read carefully these supplementary regulations (available in the file below) as they integrate, for the specific aspects of the Laurea and Laurea Magistrale programmes, the current School of Industrial and Information Engineering Regulations for Graduation Exams.

Students willing to work on a thesis in a scientific field different (formally SSD) from those of the courses attended during the second year of the Master degree should fill in the form "Richiesta autorizzazione attivazione procedura svolgimento tesi di laurea” and deliver it to the Teaching Office before starting to work on the thesis.

Information about general rules of Laurea and Laurea Magistrale degree exam is available on this page of the School of Industrial and Information Engineering's website and on this page of the University's website

Available Laurea thesis

Available Laurea thesis topics are published on the sites of the research lines of the Department of Mechanical Engineering:

There are also Laurea and Laurea Magistrale thesis topics for Mechanical Engineering students that do not correspond to a specific research line of the Mechanical Engineering Department, but rather to groups of professors from other Departments, such as the Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering Department and the Energy Department.

Seminars on thesis-writing and scientific/technical communication

The Mechanical Engineering programme periodically organises a series of seminars on scientific/technical writing and on giving presentations.
Having the ability to correctly and effectively write a scientific/technical text and give a scientific/technical presentation is a very important skill for engineers. Starting with writing the thesis and defending it during the degree examination, and continuing on with the state professional examination, writing one's CV and handling job interviews, an engineer needs to know how to write about and present scientific/technical content: in short, an engineer needs to know how to handle scientific/technical communication.
The seminars are addressed especially to graduating students (although they are open to all interested students) and have the aim of introducing the primary issues concerning the transmission of scientific/technical content.

It's possibile the downloading of the slides used during the seminars: