What kinds of events are there for prospective students wishing to register for the laurea programme?

Various events for prospective students are offered throughout the year. The most important one is Open Day: this event is held at both the Milan and Piacenza campuses. All the events for prospective students are described in the dedicated page.

Are there special events focused on entering the job market for students registered in the Mechanical Engineering study programme?

Yes. For third-year students in the laurea programme and second-year students in the laurea magistrale programme (and sometimes for students in other years as well), events are organised together with the University's Career Service that put them into contact with the work world and help them to enter it. These are events specifically for Mechanical Engineering students (at the Milano Bovisa, Lecco and Piacenza campuses) where the Human Resources Directors of the most important businesses in the industry provide useful information about how to prepare for job interviews. These meetings also including job interview 'simulations', with real-time feedback on the student's performance in the mock interview.

Are there events focused on final examination for graduating students in the Mechanical Engineering study programme?

Yes. Sì. Il Corso di studio in Ingegneria Meccanica organizza periodicamente una serie di seminari sulla scrittura scientifico-tecnica e sulle presentazioni. I seminari sono rivolti in modo particolare ai laureandi ed hanno l’obiettivo di introdurre le principali problematiche che stanno alla base della trasmissione di contenuti scientifico-tecnici. Maggiori informazioni sono disponibili nella pagina relativa alle Tesi di laurea

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