Horizontal competencies


When will the workshops be held?

The workshops will be organised in the first and second semester during the break periods for mid-term assessments (please consult the academic calendar).

In which period will the workshop be held?

Students can subscribe and attend workshops regardless of whether the horizontal competencies course is scheduled in the first or second semester.

Is it possible to attend more than 4 workshops and decide after the relative exams to take?

Participation is free and without numerical limits. Students that are interested to attend more than 4 modules may decide during the exam to answer all questions or only those relative to specific modules. The 2 credits will be given after passing at least 4 modules.

How will the contents of the workshop be tested?

Credits will be given after passing a multiple-choice test. There will be different tests for each workshop held until that moment.

In which period can the test be taken?

Tests will be scheduled at the end of each semester, before exam sessions (please consult the academic calendar). You can decide to take less than 4 tests in the first semester and complete the others in the second semester.

Is it possible to take the exam in the second semester, even if the course was held in the first one?

Students can answer the questions related to the workshop attended, also in different moments in order to achieve 2 CFU.

How many credits are given for each test?

4-hour workshops give 0.5 CFU and for 8-hour workshops give 1 CFU.

What happens in case of a negative evaluation?

Students can take the same exam or answer the questions of a new module in the next sessions.

The result of the exam will influence the average or final grades?

The assessment only contributes to achieve 2 CFU without affecting the average or final grades.

Is it possible take an exam of a workshop that a student could not attend?

The purpose of the workshop is to provide horizontal competencies that are relevant for the engineer profession. If the student is able to prove his or her knowledge on a topic of a workshop by answering the multiple-choice of the workshop that he or her could not attend, he or she can do it.

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