LAUREA MAGISTRALE (equivalent to a Master of Science) REGISTRATION


How can I register for the laurea magistrale programme?

To register, you will need to apply for admission following the steps explained on Admission is dependent on assessment of the candidate's career and preparation for the programme, as well as verification of his or her English language skills. For further details, please visit the dedicated page to admission to the laurea magistrale programme in Mechanical Engineering.

Does enrolment in the laurea magistrale programme take place just once per year?

No. Enrolment takes place in both the first and second semesters. Of course, applications for admission, which must be presented prior to enrolment, may also be submitted during either the first or second semester.

If I apply for admission in the first semester and am accepted, may I enrol in the second semester?

No. It would be necessary to enrol in the first semester.  In order to enrol in the second semester, you would need to reapply for admission during that semester.

I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering from another university. May I apply for admission to the Politecnico di Milano's laurea magistrale programme in Mechanical Engineering?

Yes. Those who have three-year degrees from other universities may apply for admission to our laurea magistrale programme. Those with degrees in Mechanical Engineering from other universities may enrol based on a "parameter S" (which takes into consideration the average and number of years that have passed since enrolment) and a table, for which please see the Educational Rules, which summarise the minimum requirements. Applicants will also need to meet with the Admission Committee, for an analysis of their academic background, motivations and other assessment criteria. For further information, please visit the dedicated page.

Is it possible for admission to the laurea magistrale programme to be contingent upon filling in certain educational gaps prior to registering?

Yes, it is possible. Admission does not in fact automatically entail recognition of all academic credits acquired through previous study. Requirements for further coursework will be determined by the Admission Committee on the basis of previous study. Any additional coursework necessary for the completion of a candidate's preparation will need to be completed prior to registration in the laurea magistrale programme. Adding laurea magistrale courses on top of one's laurea programme curriculum, and receiving credit for the laurea magistrale coursework, will not guarantee admission.

Where can I find complete information about the timeframes and procedures for applying for admission to the laurea magistrale programme?

The admission process (timeframes, procedures and general requirements) is described on 

Whom should I contact if I have questions about admission to the laurea magistrale programme?

For the "bureaucratic' aspect" (presenting applications for admission, timeframes, results, presentation of appeals, etc.), please see the Registrarís Office at the campus of interest: Milano Bovisa Campus, Piacenza Campus (only for the second year) and Lecco Campus. For questions about the curricular requirements for admission, please consult the Educational Rules first. If you have further questions, you may contact the professors in the Admission Committee.

Do I need to have good English skills in order to register for the laurea magistrale programme?

Yes. In general, for admission to the Laurea Magistrale programme, candidates are required to have achieved the level of English required. Further information is available on

If I have taken and passed the TENG - Test of English for admission to the laurea programme, is this sufficient for admission to the laurea magistrale programme?

No. The TENG is the English skills section of the TOL engineering test and is only relevant for admission to laurea programmes.

May I enrol in the laurea magistrale programme without presenting certification of my English language skills, contingent upon presenting such certification after I have enrolled?

No, this is not an option. If you do not have certification of your English language skills, you will not be able to enrol, even after a positive assessment.

Is it possible to be admitted to the laurea magistrale programme with a score below the required minimum?

No. Admission is contingent upon fulfilment of the requirements indicated in the Educational Rules.

If I do not fully meet the requirements for those with degrees from other universities, may I apply for admission anyway?

If you do not fully meet the requirements defined in the Educational Rules for admission to the laurea magistrale programme, the only option is to present a request for exceptional admission that explains the reasons for which you are requesting admission in spite of not meeting the established minimum requirements.

How can I find out if I have been admitted to the laurea magistrale programme?

You can find out whether or not you have been admitted by logging into your account on the On Line Services page.

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