07/03/2017 17:03 Age: 2 yrs

Siemens certificates for the third year students - Piacenza Campus

Siemens certificates awarded to the "Professional" third year students enrolled in the Mechanical Engineering laurea programme at Piacenza Campus

On 27th March 2017, at Tecnopolo Piacenza - MUSP Laboratory, 40 or so students were awarded Siemens attendance certificates for the "Machine Tools" course held at the Centro Tecnologico Siemens (TAC) centre in Piacenza.

Those awarded certificates were all students on the professional third year of the Politecnico di Milanoís Mechanical Engineering laurea programme at its Piacenza Campus who had attended the "Machine Tools" course at TAC involving over 90 hours of theoretical-practical study.

Students were given the opportunity to gain specific skills useful for future careers in the industry. In particular, students were able to test innovative and competitive productivity, flexibility, time-to-market and resource optimisation solutions at Siemensís TAC, experiencing first-hand the advantages of the industrial software-automation synergy.

Now on its 6th year, attendance at the Machine Utensils course at the Piacenza Centro Tecnologico Siemens is a great opportunity for professional third year students on the Mechanical Engineering laurea programme at the Piacenza Campus, the outcome of a partnership between Siemens and Politecnico di Milano and the involvement of UCIMU, local sector firms and reference technological partners.

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