19/03/2019 17:03 Age: 1 year

Laboratory of Fluid Mechanics - Piacenza Campus

The "Passion in Action" programme for students enrolled in the third year of Laurea (equivalent to a B.Sc.) in Piacenza Campus

In the A.Y. 2018/2019 a new course involving PHOENICS was established; namely the “Laboratory of Fluid Mechanics: the Green Valve case study”, taught by Dr Gianandrea Vittorio Messa. To understand the framework in which the course was developed, it should be borne in mind that Politecnico di Milano is strongly encouraging innovative methods in teaching and learning. The “Passion in Action” programme includes open participation teaching activities offered to students to support the development of transversal, soft and social skills and to encourage/facilitate students in enriching their personal, cultural and professional experience. Dr Messa, already in charge of “Fluid Mechanics” for final-year BSc students in Mechanical Engineering, organized the Laboratory as part of the above programme. His goal was to provide students with an overview of the problem-solving approaches in industrial fluid mechanics, namely laboratory testing, concentrated parameter modelling, and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). The initiative, held in the Piacenza Campus of Politecnico di Milano, involved some 50 participants.

Students were given a case study that was both innovative and complex from the fluid dynamic and modelling points of view. This is the Green Valve, a device for the control and recovery of energy patented by Politecnico di Milano (DICA.15.002.A; inventor: Stefano Malavasi; http://www.polilink.polimi.it/it/green-valve-2/).