Milano Bovisa La Masa Campus

The Milano Bovisa campus is located in the former Bovisa gasometer district, an area north of Milan. The campus was significantly expanded following an international competition, announced in 1998 by the Politecnico di Milano together with the City of Milan and the Lombardia Region. The centre of Milan can be reached via public transport.

The Mechanical Engineering programme is located at one of Milano Bovisa's two campuses: Bovisa La Masa. This is where the programmes lecture halls, study halls and educational and computer laboratories are located. The Bovisa La Masa campus is home to a number of major research laboratories. These laboratories are found in the Mechanical Engineering Department, which has some of the most sophisticated facilities in Europe. 


The Lecco campus, established in 1989, is located at via Previati 1/c. This campus, thanks to its synergistic local activity, has progressively expanded over the years and now boasts a new university campus: 40,000 square metres for teaching, research and student services. The new site offers modern classrooms set up for innovative teaching, cutting-edge research laboratories and residential space for students.

The Lecco campus is also home to a number of Mechanical Engineering and Industrial research laboratories: the Mechanical and Thermal Measurement Laboratory; the Material Testing Laboratory - Mechanical Section; and the Lecco Innovation Hub:  Marine Research Laboratory.


he Piacenza campus is located in the historical centre of the city, with easy access to the train station and the city's main sites of interest and entertainment. The campus was established in 1997 and progressively expanded. Two, is comprises two campuses, covering a total surface area of 7,000 square metres.

The Piacenza campus has lecture halls, study halls, computer laboratories open from 7.30 am to midnight and educational laboratories. The Piacenza campus is home to an important advanced mechanics laboratory, the MUSP - Machine Tools and Production Systems. This research laboratory is part of the Region Emilia-Romagna's Advanced Technology network, within which research activity is carried out in collaboration with the industry's main companies.