The "Scholarships promoting the "Diritto allo Studio" [DSU]" are available for academically strong students who lack the financial means to attend university. Financial aid is awarded through an annual call, on the basis of specific financial and merit requirements.

The "Other scholarships and graduation awards" are provided by the Politecnico di Milano or other Insitutions, beside those of the DSU Announcement.

Further information is available on the page of the Politecnico di Milano's website.

There are other financial aid opportunities reserved exclusively for students in the Laurea (equivalent to Baschelor of Science) or Laurea Magistrale (equivalent to Master of Science) at the Piacenza Campus and for students in the Laurea Magistrale programme at the Lecco Campus. For the academically strongest students, other scholarships and graduation prizes are available from other organisations, associations, companies and private individuals, to favour enrolment in courses at those campuses. Further information is available on and